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A mighty girl starts with a mighty mamma and if you want to raise an empowered, confident and happy daughter, it starts with you lovely lady! I’m here to help you and your tween succeed at life. Click on the links below to learn more about the empowerment programs I’ve created just for you.

About Me

With an international education career spanning 30+ years as an art teacher and elementary school principal, I’ve taught, led and inspired thousands of young children all over the world between the ages of 7-12 years old. 

I’m an art teacher, mentor and Empowerment Coach and my greatest passion is empowering tween girls with all the tools they need to be confident, happier and successful in life. ˆI’m founder and the creator of Mighty Girl Mighty Life ® girl empowerment program and the Mighty Girl Academy which are designed specifically to empower tweens to be braver, happier and more confident from the inside out.

For the mammas who want to empower their mothering and life I host regular workshops , masterclasses, and Let’s Play A Game With The Universe series.

About You

You love your little girl and want to give her the best start.

You want a trusting, loving relationship with your daughter.

You want her to feel loved and supported by you.

You want her to feel comfortable coming to you with whatever is on her mind (the good, the bad and the ugly).

You want her to be independent and comfortable in her own skin.

You want her to trust herself enough to make her own decisions especially without you. 

You want to raise an empowered tween able to deal with her adolescence and beyond.

You want her to know her worth in the world, love herself unconditionally, and be the happiest most confident girl in the world.

You want to be a great mamma and role model.

You want to know what to do when mothering gets tricky and messy.

You want to take your parenting and mothering to the next level. 

You want to get support for you as a woman and as a mamma.

Are you ready to do whatever it takes to empower your tween daughter with everything she needs to live her best life? 

It starts with YOU.


Mighty Girl Mighty Life ®

An art based girl empowerment program just for tweens aged 7-12 designed to unleash creativity, confidence and self-love, the mighty girl way.

Mighty Mamma Mighty Life

Play along in this powerful series of life-changing games that will transform your parenting, relationships, health, and whole life.

Mighty Parenting Mighty Life

Join this month's FREE parenting workshop held in ZOOM. Learn why girl empowerment is so important and how you can support your daughter, the mighty girl way.

“I loved doing Mighty Girl because you learn to be yourself and love yourself.”
A Mighty Girl From Singapore

empower your daughter

The Mighty Girl Mighty Life ® program is the most extraordinary and life-changing program unlike anything you’ve ever seen. With a huge waitlist, Alejandra knows how to reach, teach and inspire girls between the ages of 7-12 to step into their confidence and become the happiest girls in the world. If you want to give your daughter the best start to her beautiful life, this is the program for her.  

Designed to be done together with your daughter from anywhere in the world, Mighty Girl Mighty Life is going to change your relationship  and your lives forever.

How do you empower your daughter? Empower yourself first!

If you want to raise an empowered, confident and happy daughter, you must become a confident and happy mother first. Join Alejandra’s Mighty Mamma Mastermind to get the support you want and transform not only your parenting but your life too. 

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